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I recently acquired a Sig P226 Texas DPS 75th Anniversary Limited Edition, .357 Sig, SAO (from 2010). Wanted one when they came out, but almost impossible to get. In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the TX DPS, a limited edition version of the P226 was commissioned (2010). The Texas DPS 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition SIG SAUER P226 .357SIG Single Action Only (SAO), and was available for purchase through the end of 2010 (while supplies lasted). According to Sig only around 550 were produced and a very limited number of those went to non DPS personnel. This firearm, based on the steel frame P226 X-series (DE Germany), special TXDPS serial number (TXDPS750XXX), and comes bearing engravings of both the traditional Texas DPS Seal and the 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee logo inlaid in 24k gold on the top of the SS slide, beautifully engraved scroll work and “TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY”, “1935 – 75th ANNIVERSARY – 2010” and “LIMITED EDITION” text on the sides of the slide, and Diamond Jubilee logo engraved rosewood grips. This specific one was made 5/11/2011. The display stand I made.

TheDisplays by Dudley Primeaux, on Flickr

TheDisplay2 by Dudley Primeaux, on Flickr
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Very nice.

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Hi! My name is Ben and I am a State Trooper with the Texas Highway Patrol in Odessa, TX and I have the entire DPS collection except the 75th Anniversary SIG 357. Would there be any chance I could talk to you on the phone about this pistol? This pistol means a lot to me and I have been trying to obtain one to keep it within the DPS family. I have been looking for this pistol for over 4 years and this is hard to come by. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you! I’ll add you as a friend via social media etc that way you can see my profile and know I’m not telling a lie lol.
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Wow! Very nice!
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