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I’m in the market for a new digital scale, my old Cabela’s scale has finally died after many years of service. I would like to keep the price under $150.00. Or should I just continue to use my backup an old Lyman beam scale and save my money. Any helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I see nobody's stepping up with a recommendation and I can't either because my digital scale is around 25 years old at this point and still going strong. It's the RCBS Partner.
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I have had a real good luck with my Dillon Precision digital scale and it is right at your price point.
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I have a Dillon Determinator it works well. A buddy has had good luck with the Hornady 1500


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I use a J Scale electronic scale that I received when I bout my Dillon 550 10 years ago. It’s a cheap $25 scale and it’s still my check weights to tolerance.

JScale on Amazon

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I have a dillon and it has been perfect


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I did a lot of research on scales for measuring powder back when I first thought of getting into reloading. (I haven't yet, 'cuz the man cave isn't done.) I found the vast majority of them were no more or less reliable than any of the others.

So I bought one of these: Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale with LCD Display, Auto Shut-Off, Case for Accurate Measurements, Reloading

Then I went out and bought a couple Troemner precision calibration weights, one of which is traceable. (This is the kind of calibration weight you keep in a sealed box and don't handle with your bare hands.) Both of them measured to be what they were represented to be, w/in their stated margins of error.

Then I set the scale atop the dresser in the guest bedroom and tested it over the next several days. I'd calibrate it in the morning, then go occasionally check it several times over the day and evening. Save one day, where, at some point, it was off by 0.3 gr, it never varied by more than one-tenth grain.

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Another Frankford Arsenal scale user here. The zero does drift in a sinusoidal fashion but it's only +/- 0.2 grains maximum and I'm loading shotshells where this amount of drift is meaningless. I've also run capability studies on all the powders I use so I only use this scale for checks prior to loading shells.

Hey, it's cheap and it works for non critical loading. If I want to load some precision rifle loads I'll use my RCBS beam scale and trickle up each load to a knat's whisker.

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