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Safety Notice

At Alliant Powder, we take safety seriously. That’s why we periodically test our products in different situations to be sure our use recommendations stay current. Check here for any safety notes or recall information. Stay safe and keep accurate.

Alliant Powder periodically reviews and tests their published reloading data to verify that our recommended recipes have not changed over time.

During the latest review Alliant Powder discovered that Alliant Powder's Blue Dot® should not be used in the following applications:

Blue Dot® should NOT be used in the 357 Magnum load using the 125 grain projectile (Blue Dot® recipes with heavier bullet weights as specified in Alliant Powders Reloading Guide are acceptable for use).
Blue Dot® should NOT be used in the 41 Magnum cartridge (all bullet weights).

Use of Blue Dot® in the above cases may cause a high pressure situation that could cause property damage and serious personal injury.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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I Deal In Lead
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That's from around 15 years ago but still extremely relevant.
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Spread the Disease
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I have a bottle of this I've occasionally used for showy .357SIG loads. I'm thinking that I won't be doing this anymore.


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Just an ACARS message
with feelings
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Joke is on them.. I haven't seen ANY Alliant powder around me going on three years now.



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I question the reason. LOTS of folks still using BD with no ill effects


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Uppity Helot
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I agree that Alliant powders have been pretty much non existent in the shops I frequent.
I would like to find some Red Dot and Unique.

That said, the .357 Magnum Blue Dot loads have been reported as forcing cone killers for quite some time with hot 125 grain loads. I shoot exclusively medium power 135-148 grain .357 loadings and never use Blue Dot powder. I have no direct experience with the powder but its reputation in that regard was enough to keep me using other powders.
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