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A follow up to my last question. If you store your powder inside your house and not in the garage how do you store it? I've heard about people separating it by 50m and some just putting it all together. I've seen it just sitting on a shelf in a group in store so I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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I keep mine on an open faced bookshelf in the basement. Primers are stored on the lower bench shelf. They’re probably 20’ apart.

I’m below the limit on special storage but as I finish the basement and grow my supplies, I’ll probably get a wooden footlocker for the powder.

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I have a couple of smaller black with yellow top bins (from Costco) plastic bin (covered) for the powder and for the primers (separate bin.

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Here's an old thread concerning powder storage that I remembered posting to.

Old powder storage thread

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My powder sits on the shelf above my safe....
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