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I use the Redding competition die for bullet seating on a Dillon 650. I set it for 1.100, and will get ranges from 1.100 to 1.250.

They all gauge and shoot fine enough. Is that an acceptable margin for range ammo?

EDIT TO ADD: that I am a dumbass. 1.100-1.125 variation.

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It's not dangerous or anything like that, but that's a huge variation.

Kind of looks like the seater plug is the wrong one for the bullets you're using or the bullets are really cheaply made.
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Your issue with variance in COAL may a result of the bullet construction and the variance in OAL of the bullet itself.
Did you thoroughly clean your die before use.
I do not think that you will get the precision of a RIFLE cartridge with a straight walled handgun cartridge. Are you using brass cleaned with SS pins? The brass may be too clean? You may want to consider using a stepped powder funnel such as those from Double Alpha.
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Ive run into this before. The first time was compressed loads, the second time was the seating stem being belled out....likely due to the before mentioned compressed loads.

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