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I use these guys for my 9mm (115)and 40cal(185) bulk reloading.
I shoot 40 for the power factor in USPSA. The 9mm is for TEOTWAWKI.

I also cast my own 357/38 and 45 ACP that I powder coat.

Great stuff, doesn’t need lube, doesn’t leave a mess in the barrel.

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Master Cast out of Enon Valley PA makes a really great product for hard cast bullets

I use 45 230 gr and 9mm 125

I have never been disappointed

I also really like Eggleston munitions coated bullets, all kinds of colors and nice quality
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X-treme copper plated bullets in bulk in 9mm Luger, usually round nose 124 gr, for me.

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I’ve been pleased with the HiTek coated cast from

For plated bullets I’ve ordered a bunch from

This website is hit or miss…I’ve bought .223 and .308 bullets and if they have them .9MM and .40…they also have surplus military powder from time to time…they have free shipping and no Hazmat…


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