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I've got a pair of blue 650's and had an old Lyman T that my father in law gave me before he passed. The Lyman was my intro to reloading and made a bunch of ammo, enough that I learned I wanted a progressive press. I still used the Lyman with a bullet puller die and for working up a new load but my nephew wanted to learn to reload so I gave him his grandfathers Lyman.

My plan was to pick up a Rockchucker but the turret press wasn't that much more and would be a timesaver. I just got it out of the box and it seems that it will live up to it's reputation, I'll just need to find bench space now.
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It's an excellent press. I have been using my T-7 for several years now. I use it for my match 308 ammo and on the head right now I have a Redding S-type Small Base bushing die, a Redding competition seater die, a Redding Headspace indicator & dial, a Redding (I think) mandrel die and a bullet pointing die.

I'm going to add another 308 seater die as I am preparing to load another type bullet for testing purposes. That will leave one hole open for a while.

This is a great press and it produces world class ammo if you pay attention. I think you chose well.
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Geaux Tigers
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A lyman can't sit on the same bench with the Redding in my honest opinion..Hey the lyman is good but just not in the same class as the Redding!!


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I like Redding, mostly in the die category. They make good stuff.
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You’ll love the T-7. I like mine so much that I purchased a separate tool head and two primer setups. Great press for stuff like 416 Rigby and 458 Lott. I may not do high quantity, but 416 Rigby can be $12 a round for factory ammunition, so the T-7 paid for itself in 60 rounds.

It is very sturdy. Almost no flex in the tool head.

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