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I just have a dedicated set of 38 and one for 357…then I don’t have to worry or lose shit…


I used to use Unique in 38 but it is smoky.
I use aa#7 for 45acp, 40, 357 (158 cast n powder coated) and 38 special.

When I run out of those I’ll most likely get some W231, because it will do all I need. And it meters better than unique in the powder thrower.

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Uppity Helot
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4.6 grains of Winchester 244 under a 125gr. Plated pill in .38 Special brass is a loading that both my GP-100 .38 Specials shoot great with.
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I belong to an outdoor range so the difference in smoke between say 231 and 244 really doesn't matter much. I have and use both 231 and 244. 244 is a heavier powder by volume than 231 which surprised me. If the uniflow is set for 4 grains of 231 that will be 5 grains of 244, actually a little more than that. The old standby, Bullseye, is pretty hard to beat for 38 specials, especially 148 gr HBWC. For 357, 2400 or 296 are my go-to powders for any magnum loads. I don't download magnums so 296 works fine for me, but everyone should know that you CAN'T light load 296. Unique is also a good powder for magnum loads and mid range loads. Actually, if all I had was 231 and 2400, I'd be fine!! I could probably get by with just 231!!
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