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I need your help friends.
For some time I’ve been making brass 410 shells from 9.7 rifle cases…

After a few firings the brass has expanded so that I need to size it down or I can’t extract it. But I can’t find a sizing die for a 410 shell.

So today I measured the fired case and found that at the base it’s .472

Looking at several dies I have and at sammi specs of cases and chambers, I found a 308 Winchester full length sizing(.470) would work.I might have to hone it with some valve grinding compound, but I think I could do it.

I would also have to cut the die off at the bottom of the shoulder. (I guess I could get a machine shop to do that for me)

Any input is appreciated.

Also now I have to find a 308 sizing die.

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I think there is a pretty close relationship between the 444 Marlin case & the 410 shotgun shell. I see people make 410 shells/ammo out of the 444 case.

You could check that die for sizing. Another option is making 410 ammo out of the 444 case.

I didn’t look beyond that, may be other options.
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Two options that I can think of;
1. Find an older MEC press for the 410. The older presses(think 1980’s) had a resizing die that would resize the entire case, unlike the current presses with a collet sizer that only resizes the base. These were not carbide, so not sure how they would work.

2. Taurus and S&W made revolvers for both 45 Colt and 410. Not in a position to check, but maybe a carbide resizing die in 45 Colt would work.

Let us know what you figure out!

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This seems like a knowledgeable post on .410 brass reloading.

Edit to add: Just saw USAFA71's post. Like he said, I've always read that the 45 Colt is the best substitute die for the 410. Isn't the base about dead on for the 410 (.480)?

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