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Any one load 45acp 230gr V-Crown JHP bullets ,

looking for a start load have W231 bullseye CFE pistol & AA 7
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slam fires
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You don't talk to us much,strange.
Bulls eye is not your friend in this endeavor IMHO
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10 gr AA#7 for my powder coated LRN 230 grain.

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The free Sierra App(and newest manual) includes 45 acp +p data, not that you were asking about that level. I do see 10 grains of #7 listed as near max with a jacketed 230 grain bullet.

Like the 38 spcl, the 45 acp is an older, lower pressure round. For the ‘most’ part, the small step up to +p isn’t a big change.
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For RN 230 gr 45acp my load is 4.6g of Hodgdon titegroup, been using it for years an really like it.
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