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I think we all have varying uses with reloading. Some are into higher round counts with few cartridges, I switch around a fair bit.

I get by with my 4 station turret type press. Right now it’s set up for 45 acp loading, may do more today.
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I’ve decluttered my loading bench by removing my 3 single stage presses and pared it down to my older than dirt Dillon RL450 and the Lyman All American 8 turret press I purchased earlier this year…it’s heavy and well made…I just received an email from Natches with a sale on the full press kit…it’s turret can accept two 4 die pistol die setup or four 2 die rifle setup…


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I used single stage presses for decades, starting as a teen. I used the lee hand press, which looks like a V with a pivot point at the base of the V. Originally I did everything on one press, changing dies with each operation. Eventually I had several presses, each with a die, and I'd just swap one to the other. It took eighteen hours to do 1,000 rounds. I shot 15,000 to 20,000 rounds a year.

I finally broke down and got a Dillon, just recently. I can cut that eighteen hours down to two or three, depending on what's going on. With the quick change kits, each with their own powder measure and all the dies set up, just slide in the whole set and it's ready to go.

With the individual hand presses, changing cartridges or loads or bullet designs or lengths, means either more presses, or changing dies, which generally means re-adjusting everything.
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