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These are on Sale LLBean (sale page) Mine got here today. Cut right for 3/4 o'clock carry. 39 bucks.
Good Quality Shirt. I ordered Eucalyptus Camo

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Camp shirts are great for CC. I always buy the ones from Kohls when they go on sale.

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I would offer up the fishing camp shirt from Columbia. Check out Sam's Club..there some there with the brand Habit.
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I have the same shirt in Navy Mayan.
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Just got an email that these long sleeve untuck shirts are on sale for $45 or 50. I do not know how well they will work for CCW.

Men's Comfort Stretch Oxford Shirt, Slightly Fitted Untucked Fit, Plaid
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I use T-Shirts only, no shirt as it's pretty warm here most of the year.

I do use darker colors most of the time, and the t-shirts have some kind of large design on them to break up any printing that might exist.

Mrs. Flash checks for printing on all new T-shirts for me and also on the other guys and girls I shoot with every week. She's become pretty expert at spotting concealed weapons.
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I've been buying 5.11, Wrangler, and other "shooting" shirts as they become available from DAV etc. I've learned you pick features, not brands, as they change too quickly. Few makers will stick to a particular recipe for more than a season or two, none are really serious about it. It's a fashion item unfortunately, with not enough varying the fabric alone.

Snaps - never thought I would ever (Never!) wear snaps, and now, I search for them. Not CW placket Rodeo shirts, CCW shirts with snaps are a great asset wearing a shoulder holster. With the typical male fold over down the front, I can grab with the left hand, RIP them open reach for the pistol and unholster with the shirt no longer covering it.

No, not for a supervised range, for a civilian who already knows if he needs a firearm it will be discharged. As for "you can do that with buttons", sure, but you can't really practice it much. Not enough wardrobe by the end of the year, but plenty of cleaning patch material I will grant.

Straight hem shirt, not tuck in, with short sleeves. You can and likely should wear them out, unless your abs are a significant part of your look in a Underarmor T. That means "Camp" shirts for me, along with some tropical prints on vacation. The higher grade "expedition" "a real camp guide" kind of shirt is nice, too, but pricey.

Large pockets with a placket, not flap to secure contents. The more opaque the weave, the better, but getting air thru them goes to venting, too. Double felled seams, like jeans, to keep it from ripping open - Id rather the fabric fail, not the seams.

That means a lot of shirts won't cut it. Too many failure or fashion points. On the other hand, it can appear to be some kind of tacticool undercover street shirt, too much "uniform". In civilian wear few notice that. Things like velcro on the outer seam down to the hem line do, tho, and since belt carry of some kind is so common, it's offered. But it is a tell, a carryover from winter jackets.
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