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I have been missing the boat on updates in the last 6 months. is a two man operation. Steve keeps it online and I updated the information. Steve and I have both had some medical issues and I spent all my time just keeping the pages updated. I apologize for not keeping up posting updates on this board. If you want to catch up on some things I do post on the site what Documents have been updated. You can go to the main page at and click on Site/Data Updates in the left column at the top. That link gives a different page but the same map as the main page is on the top of that page so scroll down and you will see the updates.

Things look like they could be really busy in the next 6 months and I can’t promise but will try to do better at letting you know about major changes in the different states law/regulations.

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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No apology needed.

You two provide an outstanding service and should be applauded.
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Thanks for the update. I'll put a shortcut to this thread in the Gun Control Discussion section to give it a bit more exposure.
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Many people appreciate your effort, THANKS!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the update!

Ricky Taggart
Utah, USA
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Thank you for your continued efforts..


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Thanks for your efforts Gary, very much appreciated
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Now traveling more this website is super valuable.

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It’s appreciated! Take care of you and your though!

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A great resource and easy to use.
Great to have anytime you are going to another jurisdiction too.

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thanks for your diligent work. Its amazing what the 2 of you do to keep the shooting community informed.

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