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Thank you in advance to the Great Sig Forum members.
I am looking for a more comfortable carry option, I currently carry a P365, in a Thunderwear holster, and it is okay but here is my problem. I have a torn acl, 3 broken bones in my ankle that is too bad with arthritis to be repaired in anyway other than to have it fused. After carrying for more than an hour it really makes the knee and leg very sore. I live in florida, and I have tried at leasy a dozen holsters, this so far is the best but I am Very open to suggestions. Thank you all again
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I pocket carry the P365 after trying a few IWB holsters. It always rides in a pocket sheath like a Sickey Holster that covers the trigger and will stay in the pocket. Most of my normal apparel has pockets deep enough for this mode of carry. The typical issue with pocket carry is difficulty drawing when seated.
I also have a selection of trousers and shorts from CCW Breakaways.
They have dedicated holster pockets that break away from the waistband to allow a draw even when seated.
Don't know if this approach would help with your situation, but good luck in your search.

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If the pocket carry idea isn't your cuppa, Crossbreed holsters has a 20% off Labor Day sale on at the moment, and their modular belly band holster could be a good fit:


You could also consider a shoulder holster as long as you research the associated caveats.

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I too vote for the shoulder rig.

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Having some fairly serious spine issues I have switched exclusively to appendix carry. Granted it isn’t for everyone but I have grown to appreciate it. I carry a Shield Plus in a black label holsters aiwb rig and its awesome. He has since had his own health issues though and is only turning out holsters occasionally, but the 365 is normally on his list. I would give that serious consideration.
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Thank you all very much, I appreciate the help. I do pocket carry when I have on pants with deep pockets, and I love to use shoulder holster ( no pain) but Its difficult here in SW Fl. with the heat to wear something over it. Thank you all for your help
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You didn't mention what type of belt you are using.

When I started concealed carrying, I used a cheap belt. It would sag with my pistol on it, and at the end of the day, my back would ache.

I followed the suggestions from members here, and bought a dedicated gun belt. There are many options, but I bought a 1.75" belt from Armour belts. Amazingly, my back pain went away, the belt didn't sag, and I could carry my stainless P220 without even knowing it was there. A night and day difference. Many years later, and the belt still works very well.

All that to say, you may want to look into a good belt, if you don't have one already.

Good luck!


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This is far from ideal, but on my bad days, I carry a 43C, with flat nosed rounds.

If I’m not quite as bad, I carry an air weight j frame. (I have issues with racking most slides)

FN57s are light enough to be very easy to carry, Ruger 57s have a bit less vibration.
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Thunderwear holster

I like to use the Concealment Solutions OWB Cobra holster, it's much better IMO then any IWB holster but still keeps it concealed since I don't tuck in my shirts.

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I have a SIG P365X that I carry in a Sticky pocket holster around town, but if I'm going to drive any distance I'll use an Azula OWB cross draw leather holster. It rides high enough to be comfy long term. It took some fiddling with it to get it just right, i.e., stretching the holster with wax paper over the gun inserted into the holster, took about a week. Next, the two belt slots at the rear were really tight so I crammed two phillips screw drivers into the slots simultaneously to stretch the slots, also took about a week. Now it's a great holster and only cost $50 online.
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