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Iowa – The Governor has signed House File 756 Making Iowa a Permitless Carry State. The Law becomes effective July 1, 2021. The age will be 21 or older to carry openly or concealed under their Permitless carry Statute if you can legally possess a firearm.

Kansas, The Governor has signed SB 40 which makes the law stronger protecting firearms doing a declared state of emergency. You can read the bill to see all the details.

Tennessee – Governor has signed HB0786/SB0765 making Tennessee a Permitless Carry State. The Law becomes effective July 1, 2021. It allows anyone 21 years of age or older and 18 years old or older Active Military/Veterans if they can legally possess a firearm to carry a concealed handgun without any type of permit.

Virginia – HB 2081 has made Polling Places Off Limits beginning 7/1/2021. One Hour before they open until one hour after they close. VA is going backwards hopfully this trend will reverse itself.

The below 2 Wyoming bills have not passed yet but have a 90%+ likelihood of passing.

Wyoming - Bill has not passed but will most likely be passed in the near future. The law would not take effect until July 1, 2021 but this bill would make Wyoming a Permitless carry state for anyone 21 or older or 18 and older if active/retired military. Wyoming is Permitless Carry for their residents only right now and this would make it legal come July for anyone who meets the age requirements and can legally possess a firearm to carry in Wyoming without a permit.

Wyoming - Looks like Wyoming is trying to one up their neighbor Montana. I hope they succeed. I usually don’t get excited about bills that have a long way to go but Montana did it back in February with HB102 that removed a lot of places that they had listed as Off Limits. I really hope Wyoming one ups them. You can read the bill at

Indians, South Carolina and Texas To the best of my knowledge SC and TX still have bills on Permitless Carry in their legislatures. I have been busy with other items and haven’t checked on them for awhile but did see that Indiana’s Permitless Carry Bill was killed.
Texas -
South Carolina -

9th US Circuit Court ruled in a suit brought against the state of Hawaii that a person had to have a permit to open carry. It seems the Supreme Court should take up this case as other circuits have stated just the opposite. You never know how the courts will respond. The ruling:

Corps of Engineers – I really expected the rule to be adopted and from what I saw in the past it should have happened in February/March 2021 and we could legally carry on Corps property outside of their building etc but can’t find that date in the material now and they still say it is pending. I don’t know what is going on but Smells to Me like more than one fish died and the woke administration has quietly put a stop to the rule change. Hope I am wrong but it has been to long! If I have missed something on this please let me know.

Must Inform Officer on Official Contact – I get this question often and see it mentioned or ask about many times on firearm forums. I made this document up when Oklahoma changed their law and no longer required notification. It is linked in the FAQs on Here is a link you can share to those you see on a forum when they ask that questions. People download things all the time from our site. My only concern about that is once it is downloaded it is static and out of date very quickly. I have seen pages and documents on the web that people have downloaded from and put on personal websites that are 10 years old. They are so far out of date they are junk. That is one way that incorrect information gets out there and with listened on the document it makes us look like we are out of date. I will keep it updated so it is always as accurate as possible.

Averting Targeted School Violence:
A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Plots Against Schools
Haven’t had the time to read this yet but it looked very interesting. A link for those who want to check it out. will be updated ASAP for those law changes that take effect immediately. All others will be updated on the site when they become law.

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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Thanks for the updates.

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Thank you again for your tireless work in the Research, identification, and publication of these changes in legal activity that so greatly involve are core to our interests as responsible firearms owners.

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Tennessee – Governor [Bill Lee] has signed HB0786/SB0765 making Tennessee a Permitless Carry State.

And to the other newly permitless carry states.
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Thank you Sir for the updates.
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