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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
I went to Ebay and found a used Tommys fanny pack for $30. And someone claiming to be the original Tommys maker has an EBay store. All the packs are listed for around $100, which seems pricey.

If they're the "real deal", they are very well made and worth $100.00. You'd pay that much for a conventional holster of quality design and build, right?

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Mrs. Flash has been carrying in a fanny pack for around 25 years or so.

I've had friends who were cops and COs who told me that they would not have suspected she was carrying. She just doesn't look like the type.
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I've been using this Falco sling in the Winter when I wear a waist length coat, easier to get to than a belt carry. Plus an LCP in my right coat pocket.

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One school of thought is the mention that a Fanny pack ‘screams gun’. With that, one could surmise, who cares. With most it likely won’t be screaming anything, they’re not looking or listening.

I also think of the ‘decoy aspect’, wear the fanny pack then have the gun elsewhere. Maybe there’s a slight deterrent effect just wearing the fanny pack?

The environment matters, are we out on a hiking trail or walking around town? Unless designed for quick access, deployment could be an issue.
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My Ebay Tommys arrived today. Other than being slightly dusty, it looks unworn. I have not tried to see which one of my pistols fit it, but it looks G19 sized. Very well designed and the fact there is padding between the gun pouch and the front auxiliary pouch is big + , since it will protect my IPhone when its carried in that pouch.
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The wife threatened me with withholding if I even thought about a fanny pack. I rocked a fanny pack back in the day

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I use a Wilderness Safepacker. Carries a G19 and a spare mag. Used to be, a man purse would get looks, but now, no one bats an eye.

The advantage of a Safepacker over a fanny pack is the Safepacker has multiple modes of carry- belt loop, shoulder strap, belt loop and shoulder strap and what I call "football carry" which is carrying the Safepacker in my left hand, with my hand through the strap. When going through crowds, this is the securest carry method. You can hug it like a football. No one is getting it away from you.

You can also thread your seatbelt through it. Very secure and can't easily be seen by someone approaching your driver's side window. Carjackers, beware.

This type of off-the-body carry is the reason I always have a backup pistol in an ankle holster.

The Safepacker is a well-made piece of gear. I have one that fits the G26, too.


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I keep going back and forth between wanting to get a fanny pack for situations like this however I have not yet been able to convince myself I am there yet as an aging man. Some day....

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I've just worn out my 5th genuine, shoot me first, Galco Escort fanny pack and it breaks my heart to see they've been dropped by Galco. Now I'm looking for a quality alternative. Para may be on to something I'll have to check out.

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Never! Although I don’t typically wear the kind of clothes that I would really have the need for one of them.

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