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I just wanted to give a shout out to Robert Mika, the owner of Mika's Pocket Holsters. I just received my second holster made by him and the quality of workmanship is just as outstanding as the first one he made for me 14 years ago.

He is a true gentleman and a master craftsman. If you order one of his holsters, expect a phone call from him just to say hi and shoot the bull for a minute or two. His lead time for my last holster was two weeks and he held true to his word. Check out his web site for more information about him and his products.
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My experience mirrors yours. He understands (which I told him when he called) that unlike a belt holster that also needs to retain the gun, a pocket holster need not fit too tightly or need special techniques like pushing it off the gun with your finger or thumb to draw from. It does help to press the gun slightly against your thigh so the added friction will make the holster stay in.
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Excellent holsters at a great price. Holds a J-frame very nicely in a front pocket.

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Ditto on all these remarks. I've had one for my S&W 640-1 for a long time, and ordered one for my 365XL just over a week ago (I want the extra capacity for carry). I can't handle a regular holster hanging on my belt yet having had a hip replacement. And recent events in our town has convinced me to never leave home without carrying.

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