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Raised Hands Surround Us
Three Nails To Protect Us
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This is really bugging me.
There is a show or movie that one of the main female characters has a daughter and she keeps having to leave the daughter with this lady. The lady is called Red, or Irish Red, something like that.
The lady is kind of a badass leader of a survivalist group called the birds or some word translated to the birds.
I am pretty sure we streamed this on Nteflix and these details may be a little off. This group had some property that seemed like an old country farmhouse.
This group may have been hiding out some sort of scientist, author, or professor type guy. It was an older guy with glasses and the girl would sit with him and he would read her a book or journal he wrote. He ends up dying or being killed.

Yeah, this is a long shot and just tiny little snippets flash in my brain when trying to figure it out.

I keep trying to download my entire Netflix streaming log to read through but keep getting an error.

We see trauma in our sleep, we just need to find some peace.
But we smile because we’re brave but there’s a war inside our brain.
We’re a soldier in a battlefield, just trying to find our way.
Got an army right behind me and I pray that we’re all saved.
And I pray we win this battle and we fight another day.
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