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"The Devil Made Me Do It"

Would have been pretty good as a stand-alone movie, with no association to the previous two Conjuring films or the Warrens. I like the first two movies quite a bit, and I dig the subject matter. The third movie is not directed by James Wan (though he did write the story), and isn't much like the first two; more of a thriller vibe than supernatural horror. The movie seems to have an even looser tie to the "true story" than the first two. Anyone else have any opinions on it?
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Spot-on review, I don't really have that much to add to your commentary. I think you have to approach all the Conjuring flicks with the given that these are Hollywood productions that are at best inspired by the Warrens' experiences, and not at all faithful to what is basically a true story (whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it was the first time a murder trial used a paranormal defense).

OK for a horror film, in fact somewhat better than average. A should-see for any fan of the genre or admirers of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

"First, Eyes."
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