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A two-part episode, actually. Compared to phonies like Bear Grylls Roll Eyes who ran around jumping into lakes or sucking on a dead yak's bladder, then went with his production crew to spend the night in a hotel, or Dual Survival, which also had a production crew along with them, Stroud comes the closest to the real thing.

He was actually alone in all those episodes. He had a sat phone in his gear in case he got into a bind but never used it as far as I know. And you know all those shots of Stroud at a distance walking up or down a mountain or whatever? Yeah, he set the camera up for those shots, and then had to walk back and retrieve it. He was really working out there.

The only thing I don't like about Stroud is that he not only believes Bigfoot exists, he also has actually made videos of himself "looking" for Bigfoot. One time, he came across two trees that had fallen (probably in a windstorm). These trees had fallen in a way that they created a big "X" and Stroud was telling us that this is how Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) communicate. I mean, really. Roll Eyes

But, there are no Bigfeetses in this episode. Many of you have seen this, some haven't. Either way, enjoy.


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Yeah, Less lost me with Bigfoot…

But I agree, at least he wasn’t sleeping at the local Holiday Inn Express.

Bear Grylls is just laughable. I’m sorry if anybody feels differently. (Not really Smile )

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Yes he is the real deal being all by himself and I enjoy his shows. I thought I remember him saying that there are a few times that he was this close in using his Sat phone to get picked up. Also I thought I remember him saying that there was an episode where he was in the swamp and that one really kicked his butt after the filming as he caught some intestinal bug that lasted for a while. Thank you for sharing this as I have not seen it yet. God Bless !!! Smile

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Wait, Bigfoot isn’t real??

Bet the Lochness Monster might disagree, too. Big Grin

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Originally posted by parabellum:

Either way, enjoy.

I didn't even know Survivorman was still on, and hadn't watched an episode in years.

Watched pt. 1 last night and pt. 2 today. And yes, I did enjoy it. I liked his approach of simulating a real world scenario of getting lost in the Winter wilderness while being somewhat but not fully prepared, while also intentionally making some common mistakes.

His quick comment about not fasting in a survival situation really hit home for me, and forced me to rethink my survival strategy. I frequently fast, and although I do it to save money and lose weight while gaining the other health benefits, I had always thought that while it's preferable to eat in a survival situation, that if I was in a real jam and I had to prioritize other survival skills, at least my body had been conditioned to go without food by fasting. Now, I'm not so sure.

At the 43:13 mark of pt. 2, as he's walking down the stairs of the empty cottage, there is a quick shot of a 6 plug outlet mounted to the wall, with at least one electrical appliance plugged in, so it appears the cabin had electricity wired to it, although there is no way to tell if power to the cottage was turned on. If it was on it seems he could've skipped using the emergency stove to make his last meal.

The episode was worth it, if for no other reason than the Duct Tape trick. As soon as the episode was over I had to prove it to myself in the kitchen sink. Yup, it works. Think I might start saving old duct tape scraps and adding some to my survival gear.

Really enjoy survival type content so thanks for sharing.
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