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I swear I had
something for this
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Originally posted by 220-9er:
Al Jr. is a sad story. Hard to say if it's really over yet as he seems to still have setbacks, and he's way beyond his driving days or even being able to leverage his name to make a buck now. Another, what could have been story. I think he's basically a good guy that had the talent, he just went off the rails for too long.

I haven’t got to that point in the book, but the stress at Penske at the time must have been massive. He goes from 94 winning Indy and the championship, gets bumped with the whole Penske team for the 95 Indy 500, loses to Jacques Villeneuve for the 95 title, and then goes through Penske’s worst run in the series sticking with Goodyear tires and a chassis/engine program that drops them to the bottom.

The death count during that time was also the most extreme since the 60’s where people died every week, and that goes for both CART and IRL. Scott Brayton and Jeff Krosnoff in 1996 along with Gonzalo Rodriguez and Greg Moore in 1999 (who was going to Penske in 2000 with Gil de Ferran). All that pressure with both series in a race to the bottom could not have helped Little Al.
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Fill your hands
you son of a bitch
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Little Al was my favorite driver back in the day. I was disappointed when he turned down Benneton's F1 offer. If I remember right he would have been teamed up with Schumy at the time. What might have been.
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Just because you can,
doesn't mean you should
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A sad day, ten years ago today, when Dan Wheldon was killed in a terrible accident at LVMS.
Racer Magazine has a good series of articles about various aspects of that event.

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