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Available on Netflix as well

What a well done film about the Hypercar. I am a huge fan of Koenigsegg and all Hypercara really so I found this to be a great film.
The section about Koenigsegg is great I have been a fan of their since their inception when the were using Ford based modular motors. The background about their production facility being an old Swedish Air Force Base is pretty cool.

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If you liked Apex, be sure to watch A Faster Horse. It's a documentary on the history of the Ford Mustang.

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As said in the Superfast thread, loved Apex & still have it on my DVR.
The owner of the company my wife works for, has an Agera & 2 Regeras on order, along with an AM Valkyrie, the Agera's supposed to be built in May. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see it when he gets it.

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