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I just finished bingewatching "The Line" on AppleTV and highly recommend it. This is a look at the complex legal, moral, and ethical issues surrounding the murder charges against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. It's a four part documentary and the producers did an outstanding job providing a fair balance with interviews of subjects on all sides of the claims that Gallagher did/did not commit cold blooded murders of a 15-16 year old ISIS member and several non-combatants in Iraq during a deployment in 2017.

The series is extremely well researched and clearly the producers are more interested in allowing the viewers to examine the controversies about this case with a degree of balance not often found these days than pushing an agenda. Was Gallagher a psychopath killing innocent people for fun or simply a dedicated soldier doing what our country needed having done? Was he "railroaded" or were ethical members of our armed forces ignored when they tried to do the right thing? What about the prosecutors and defense attorneys? Did some/all cross the line to win at all costs or did they act ethically? This is definitely a series that provokes questions and discussions in an adult manner which separates it from the "lowest common denominator norm", found in documentaries today.

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