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I just had the dubious honor of watching this 2014 movie, which is curiously produced by Ridley Scott of all people. If you're sensing a measure of sarcasm in my post, it's because this is easily the worst of the Halo movies we've seen over the years. The only bright spot in this movie is the lead, played by Luke Cage star, Mike Colter.

The Covenant and Earth are adhering to a tentative peace treaty, following all the events shown in the Halo games. On a remote outpost, however, the Covenant make an insurgent strike against a heavily populated area. Using a weapon only found on a shard of the Ring weapon Master Chief destroyed, which only targets human DNA, the Covenant operative strikes with devastating effect. In response, a combined ONI/militia force team up to go to the Ring weapon and destroy the mineral deposits used to fashion the weapon. Unfortunately, a completely new and utterly terrifying enemy awaits their arrival...

This movie has the same amateur film quality that previous movies have, which is why I'm surprised by Ridley Scott's and Mike Colter's involvement. It's not a UNSC versus Covenant movie. There are no Spartans. It's just a bunch of grunts going off and getting into a bad situation.

The CGI is among the worst I've seen of the Halo movies. There's a Pelican used to transport them to the Ring and it looks really hokey. The new enemy looks like the Goa'uld worms from Stargate.

I guess you should watch it to keep up with the lore? But, really, just avoid it.

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Agreed, I'm a huge Halo fan and I didn't really care for it. Certainly didn't do much to add to the hype of Halo 5.

It makes Forward Unto Dawn look like a major blockbuster.
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