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At 1:30PM it's Horror of Dracula, my favorite of the Lee/Cushing Dracula movies. It scared the shit outta me when I was a kid.

Later on they're showing the Karloff Frankenstein and The Mummy.

Check it out here.

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Cat People and Hammer horror! I love the Hammer films.


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Pity for the monster of Frankenstein. Imagine that one is a contented perfectly normal abnormal brain on a shelf, bothering none and being bothered by none. Dreaming the normal abnormal dreams of abnormal brains, or floating in endless darkness. Suddenly! Unexpectedly! Unconsentedly! One awakes in the body of a monstrous giant! Too hideous to be unrejected by your bride, a re-constructed she-monster! Your mother is the lightning! She hugs you with electric arms.

Burnt! Crushed! Drowned! Frozen! Sulphered! Abotted! Costelloed!

Ready for death but charged to excess with Elan Vital or Orgone Energy...

Pity the Monster...

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