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Just viewed this on TCM. Wonderful performance by Walter Huston, Mary Astor and Ruth Chatterton. Interesting throughout, with a satisfying ending. Traveling to Europe on an Ocean liner, enjoying the nicest hotel suites in pre World War II Europe. Great direction by William Wyler. Not a film I would have fully understood in my younger years.
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One of my favorite films. The wife and I often say "I've got to learn to enjoy my leisure!"


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Mary Astor is great in this one.
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Yes, Mary Astor in her second-best performance of her career, the first being her portrayal of a weary prostitue in Act of Violence.

Who I really love in this film is Walter Huston. He's one cool cat, dealing with his unhappy, unfaithful wife. Ya gotta love the scene where he brings together his wife and one of her lovers and dares them to deny it. At the end of the scene, he tells his wife that their daughter is pregnant, thus making her a grandmother. This is significant because his wife is desperately trying to hold on to her youth. This is the look on his face when he reminds her that she's no longer young. Delicious. The unfaithful bitch had it coming.

Any film touched by the great William Wyler is worth your time, but if this film interests you, you should read Sinclair Lewis' novel. In my book collection I have a fourth printing of Dodsworth from July, 1929. It's remarkable that this book reached its fourth printing a mere four months after its first printing. We were a much more literate society back then.
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