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What wonderful grocery stores.

They're an employee-owned company started in Florida in 1930. They now have 1200+ stores in the southeast.

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The best. Floridians may be crazy people as a whole, but we got Publix right.

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Yes they are. It really is a pleasure to shop there although I use the Kroger mostly, they are closer and a bit cheaper. Their deli and bakery are the shiznit. Best fried chicken and sandwiches

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When we go there, I make it a point to go the bakery for some bread and a bread seasoning container. Just mix with olive oil and dip the bread. It is really good. Another great item is there, crab stuffing when you want to make fish. It is amazing.
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Does the film rival" Because of Winn Dixie?"
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they're slowly moving north, but the closest one is still 35 miles away just south of Fredericksburg.

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I absolutely love Publix!!!!
I so wish we had them here but I don’t think they will try to break into this market. We are way too close to Kroger’s home base.
Publix is the only place I do our shopping when at our place in Florida.

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I have 2 publix in close proximity to me. At one most folks return their carts to the cart coral and the other, they just give them a shove!

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by MikeGLI:
The best. Floridians may be crazy people as a whole, but in spite of that, Publix got it right .
fixed it for ya!
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Anytime Mrs.BurtonRW and I vacation in a southerly direction, one of the most important things to know is where the closest Publix is. And we always come back with a bag of peaches, oranges, nectarines... whatever is in season. The only fruit we can seem to get up here is "gassed to perfection", suitable for playing baseball in many cases, and generally un-tasty.

They just need to keep creeping north, but alas, I don't blame them for not expanding into Maryland. I wouldn't.



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Drawing closer to home for online grocery ordering is catching on with Publix, finally for the closer stores. Recently I've used a Walmart for online order and pick up but had to travel a good bit farther south. Now with the local Publix online ordering, I can order my favorite deli boars head subs my way and odds and ends that Publix always fit the bill. Same day pick-up, designated parking spaces, use the phone app upon arrival and the groceries are brought to the car.

Due to mobility constraints I can no longer do the in-store cruising that I enjoyed in the past so the online ordering really hits the spot. And I'm very pleased that our local store now offers this service. I've been shopping Publix since the late 60's and it's always been a good grocery shopping experience.

Regards, Will G.
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Originally posted by ZSMICHAEL:
Does the film rival" Because of Winn Dixie?"

LOL. We had Winn Dixie stores here in Alabama and I recall many trips as a child with my mother.

I didn’t remember that that Dave Matthews was in the film.


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I grew up on Publix. It's about all we had in south FL in the 70's, maybe a Winn Dixie or 2, but we didn't go there too often. I love their deli subs!

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Would one of you please tell my wife to shop only at Publix? We live across the street from a new Publix. She drives five miles to shop at a crowded ancient Krogers. I may have to see a lawyer.

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I always liked their key lime pies when visiting Florida.
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Yep there a staple here for as long as memory serves. No I take that back, in the early sixties they crept North enough to open a store. And first "Piggley Wiggley" went down the tubes and Winn Dixie has floundered every since.
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Pretty good selection of organic produce for a grocery store ( that’s what we call them down here). That’s what I buy mostly.

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I grew up on Publix and go to Publix for my grocery shopping. But, their bakery has gone totally downhill in the past 5 years......everything is under cooked and half cooked dough......Dutch apple pies, cookies, other pies, etc.
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Great store, but it looks like they also fell into the virtue signalling business, and Florida isn't even an open carry state anyway...

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Publix in our area, and I guess everywhere, seems to be a little more expensive than other stores. But my wife and I (and my dad, before he passed last year) are willing to pay a smidgen more for their customer service.
My dad always appreciated the fact, that when he asked where something was, they would walk him to it...not just point in a direction and tell him the aisle number.
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