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Surprising 28:00 vid of band recreating "Chicago" 70s music so good I didn't realize I was missing it till now.

Basic story of the past 3 years of growing international acclaim of this group of Russian
musicians. You've have a few ads to skip.

Near the middle there's a special version of "Can't get No Satisfaction". Don't miss it.
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The band is awesome. Their horns are tight! As an added bonus, Ksenia Buzina the female back-up is extremely easy on the eyes. I'm seeing them live on Monday June 6th at Jergel's Rhythm Grille in Warrendale, PA after sitting on the tickets for ~2 years due to Coivd cancellations.

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Ran across them awhile back myself and posted here. Excellent band. Leonoids guitar work on Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4 is almost indistinguishable from Terry Kath's original. The song that introduced me to them was their cover of September by Earth Wind and Fire. A song that makes the top ten of my all time favorites and they do a heck of a job covering it.

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I saw the band live last evening in Warrendale, PA. Even with a number of newer musicians in the line up, they were awesome. They played for 2 1/2 hours with a short intermission and covered most of the Chicago staples. Made me smile.
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I see what you did there… Razz

I’ve appreciated their talents from afar for a number of years now. Their Chicago and EW&F covers are phenomenal!

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Another vote for Leonid and Friends ! They have been touring the states and playing smaller venues with great success .

Check out the fat horn sound and very tight execution of Feeling Stronger Everyday

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New one out by L&F. Good Saturday night song.

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Been an EWF fan since the mid 70s and am impressed by this band.

Saw the “revival” touring EWF former guitarist, Al McCay?, band a couple of years ago in Buenos Aires and they were nowhere as good.
Also saw EWF at the peak of their popularity and was impressed as the whole band played, jumped and danced the entire show.
Personally, i’m more fond of the early afro/jazzy stuff (Gratitude being their first period peak, IMO) than the commercial stuff that followed. But they kept me real happy and please until the September album days.

Was really upset with Phil Collins when he started picking up pieces of EWF for his own benefit. His producing days (Clapton, Bailey) were no joy for me.


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Love them. I started a thread on them a bit back but didn't realize you already had one going.

I think there's one other also. Says something about them being a big hit.
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