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This was the final Dead-thread, posted November 2022.

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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Everyone I know, myself included, bailed on TWD already. I suspect the same is true of the vast majority of the forum members as well, based on the distinct lack of discussion.

I think I bailed around Season 8 or so.

I remember in the earlier seasons, the show had lots of pages in season threads, many members were stoked about the show. Some of the better episodes had multiple pages of comments the day after.

I stopped watching at the beginning of the episode when Negan was beating the brains out of Glenn and Abraham, my wife and I had enough. My son, who was a big fan,the three of us watched TWD from the first episode, lasted thru the season we stopped, but bailed on it afterwards.

But by then, the series was stale, was getting stupid in concept and execution, and decent episodes were few and far between. The first several seasons were fun to watch, the Governor arc was the peak, IMO. And the national audience seemed to agree also, those Governor seasons were the peak years of TWD, averaging 14-15 million viewers at its height. The last couple of seasons had horrible viewership numbers, barely 1-2 million per episode.

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Beg to differ, the Governer shows is where I think the show started to fail. How many seasons did they drag out promising "The War" with the Governer? It was always "Coming," but never did. When it finally happened, a big fizzle. After that it really went south, story lines abandoned, total story changes that made no sense, etc. Many promises made of what was coming only to never happen. Then, some of the producers of Walking Dead went over to Fear, same crap started happening there. Won't be watching any of the spin offs, won't even finish watching Fear.

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