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quarter MOA visionary
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I am enjoying this show.
Basically a humorous crime solving show in the light of Monk, Columbo, or similar but the main crime solver is not a detective - just a girl with a unique crime solving ability.
All due to her Poker Face ability.
Worth a watch.

Mini Spoiler Alert: On the episode with the Texas BBQ ~ there is a MAGA Dog.
There is a minor veiled attempt to dis conservatives but it didn't offend me and did make me laugh. Smile

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His Royal Hiney
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I just finished the season. I didn't know it was that long ago.

It was entertaining enough for me. She was quirky with her voice, cigarette smoking, and facial expressions.

I guess there wasn't a season 2.

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Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black, Russian Doll) kinda wears me out, too cute by half, non-stop. Still, she is smart and her energy can be infectious. I have a little time on a Peacock trial run and will check this out. BTW that clip shows her running and I'd bet that's the first time ever she's done that. Smile

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