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I don't give a rats ass about Disney but if the Criterion Collection is bowdlerizing their material secretly, then that's a big deal.

They have always claimed to be in the business of restoring and preserving films. If they have started censoring their films to
make them PC and consistent with the 'latest thing', then it's a real shame.

Check this out:

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That is sad. Never expected Criterion to do that.

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I have a DVD of the FC that is non-Criterion. I think that the removal of controversial words has been authorized at a higher level. My DVD lacks vocabulary that I remember from the VHS.

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My Criterion edition of Repo Man has not been tampered with. Otto still says "F#¢k you queer" to Bud as he's being enlisted for his first repo.

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Which begs the question, where would one now obtain an uncensored version of the film.......

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Just saw this today.

"Yet when consumers watch the movie on The Criterion Channel or Turner Classic Movies, they’ll see an edited version. Eager to buy a digital copy on iTunes? Wells’s site says that version will be expurgated as well.

Disney currently owns 20th Century Fox titles, meaning a corporation known for its aggressive “woke” makeover may have “updated” the past Best Picture winner on the sly.

Will future generations see the original 1970s film — or the version edited to placate sensitive viewers of the mid-2020s?

The news didn’t make the mainstream media cut, even on platforms dedicated to covering all things entertainment (Variety, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter). Enough movie lovers learned about the censorship via various right-leaning platforms to make the film’s Blu-ray edition soar to $142 on (Most Blu-ray titles roughly run from $8-$40.) Twitter users urged peers to scoop up physical media versions of their favorite films … while they still can.

The censored film is reminiscent of how “sensitivity readers” tweaked classic books by Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie and Roald Dahl in recent months to align with modern cultural mores."

Source: Silent Censorship of classic movies has begun
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