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Cool video. And interesting to hear the history of the platform.
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I had one built in the mid-90’s which never ran worth a crap also had 2 ptr-91 pistols … the first one was nearly uncontrollable but the second, I had my sear and put an HK21 stock on it then it was pretty well controlled in semi but F/A would start to raise after the 3rd round.

Para, is there a specific question you had for starting this thread?

I did have to replace the L/P to get it to run reliably in FA, it came with an MP5 hand guard, which I also replaced with a proper HK51 guard; also the stubby G3 charge handle with the longer HK21 charge handle.

If you want more “umph” than a MP5 or 223/HK53, have PCS build you an HK52 in 7.62x39 … way easier to control than the 51 and synthetic mags run reliably … I’ve got 20 or so of the Bulgarian slab side & waffle mags and a couple TAPCO 7.62x39 and they’re fine too.

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