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Originally posted by cee_Kamp:
My FFL says it will be impossible/difficult to source due to demand.

Puzzling. Think that could have anything to do with why a gun manufacturer might believe it a good idea to dip their own toes into those waters? Confused

A mystery to be sure. Roll Eyes

The friend I mentioned ended up buying a used gun because it was impossible to locate a new one. Just because one person has no interest in a particular thing, whatever it may be, doesn’t mean that other people won’t want one.
And something else I see all the time is:
“That’s a travesty, and not what a gun like that should be.”
“Uh, huh. Guns like what they should be have been around for decades; do you own one?”
“Well, no [or ‘yes’], but I don’t have any use for [another] one.”


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No problem for me with more producers of lever actions, but that rail is ugly AF!


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Buy that Classic SIG in All Stainless,
No rail wear will be painless.
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When I asked my local FFL if he could get one of the Marlin Dark Series in .44 he said impossible to unlikely.
My FFL specifically stated when the first new Ruger produced Marlins got released (blued/walnut) that the Distributor forced him to purchase an assortment of Ruger handguns as a package deal to get one rifle. Some of the handgun assortment proved unpopular at the retail level and sat in the glass handgun display case and over time cost the FFL having the display space tied up with unpopular models.
The FFL decided it wasn't worth it being forced to purchase the package deal.

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Originally posted by cas:
460 & 500 S&W cost even more.

Bighorn Armory makes some beautiful rifles and I'd love to have one. But they really are a custom maker. I'd like to see something like a Marlin 1895 chambered in 500 S&W at a more manageable price point.

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Originally posted by oddball:

Hard pass. Lever action = cowboy gun. Looks like a gun for those in ban states like CA.
Mossberg has (had?) one with not only the black synthetic "furniture" and a rail, but a AR/M4-style collapsible stock. Compared to that, the gun in the OP looks downright good. Big Grin
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