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Originally posted by KSGM:
Sigfreund likely quoted you to ensure you received credit for mentioning that first, and then elaborated on it himself.

I agree with everyone, in that the front sight is a non-issue; it melts away when you're shooting. If you start adding lights and lasers to most rifles, the clutter in the bottom portion of your FOV gets even worse. If you look at it in an administrative setting, it appears "distracting", but when you go to actually shoot, you don't give it any thought.

Another thing worth mentioning is our troops have been using rifles equipped this way for decades.

I’m tracking. I took his first line as something else.
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I have the PRO on my Bushmaster…….. have had it there for years. Been through numerous training and qualification courses through the years, never once did I perceive the front sight as a distraction.

Actually, I never notice it unless I purposefully decide to look for it.

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