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I just bought a new rifle and so for the last week or so I have been fiddling with stuff. I have a thread (M6IC) in the rifle room. It’s pretty simple optic, light, sling. Today I swapped out my non QD DD Aimpoint mount for a Scalarworks. Very nice.

To the point of this thread I bought one of the newer Mlok Magpul AFG’s. I didn’t like it. It felt more natural to just have the clean handguard. Then I put it on an AR pistol after I confirmed that was still legal and it felt great on a short gun. Go figure.
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I use the M-Lok Hand Stop Kit on my two rifles which have full-length M-Lok handguards. These hand stops are positioned so that the thumb of my support hand is just behind the thumb switch of the Surefire Scout lights on these rifles. The stops works very well to position my hand quickly and consistently. It's not the same as having a VFG attached, but my support hand is certainly more secure with the Stop Kit than without it.
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That Magpul AFG looks interesting, it looks as though it would take some of twist of the wrist without adding a very much bulk to the forearm.

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The AFG isn't bulky at all. Especially the Mlok version. I just didn't see any advantage to my rifle. My son loves them and like I said somewhere else, it felt perfect on a different gun so for pretty cheap it is worth a shot.
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I tried the AFGs on my M4gery and M16A4gery. With Knight RAS on both, there was too much bulk to get a decent hold for me. I put a canted stubby on the Mk18 upper, and found the gripstop for the M4 upper. Both act as a index point and help with a more natural placement of my pinky/ring finger.

The 551 handguard on my 556 feels really good. A slight angle and a belly to grip. Even with the low iron sights I can use either a conventional grip or the C-Clamp and still use the sights.

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I placed mine in a box and mailed it to someone else who liked it...

I do however like something like a small hook or hand stop. More for consistent hand placement than anything else. Does the same job for me that a VFG does without getting in the way. I run it fairly far forward. I feel like I get better control with my left arm mostly straight towards the target.
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