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All the suggestions are good-Sig, Vortex, PA. I have 2 of the better Primary Arms MD-ADS sights. They are priced under $200, have 50,000 hr battery life (same as Aimpoint micro) and have been torture tested.

My HD gun has an Aimpoint micro, but I don't see the point is spending that kind of coin to put that level optic on my other essentially "range" ARs. I'd trust the MD-ADS models for HD anyway.

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I have several Primary Arms micro red dots on various range toys. Haven't had any issues with them for years.

Primary Arms is the cheapest I'd go for optics.
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I've been looking at several of the red dots listed in this thread and had just about settled on the Romeo 5 for my PSA-build AR15 when I discovered the Romeo 5 XDR on sale for about $80 more (just under $200), so I'm considering it now.

The upgraded Romeo 5 XDR has a dual reticle (2 MOA dot + 65 MOA ring) and uses a AAA battery rather than the specialty battery found in the base Romeo (note: ring is apparently not available in nighttime mode). JRR Armory did some extensive testing (and torture testing) last year and found the XDR to be the best of the lower-tier red dots including the SPARC II and the Holosun 503-something (the base Romeo 5 was not included in the test. The report is on YouTube in two parts and is well done, if you can put up with the music and low voice). I'm not sure how well the results on the Romeo 5 XDR compare to the base model since there are a couple of configuration differences as well as some cosmetic changes in addition to the internal differences noted.

Does anyone have experience with the XDR in comparison to the base Romeo 5 and do you feel it is worth the cost difference?


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StarTraveler, I had narrowed my choices to the Vortex SparcAR and the SIG Romeo5. Then I learned about the other Romeo options and was beginning to sort out those details and if Vortex had other SparcAR options.

After I saw an add in the classifieds though, I ended up with an Aimpoint T-1. Yep, spent more than probably makes sense for my purposes, but I couldn't resist the deal.

I'd at some point in the future, I need another sight, I will resume where I left off and see if there have been any newcomers to consider.

Another thing I was going to run to ground was if Holosun provided services for others besides Primary Arms. (Seems like a Toyota/Lexus type thing upon first glance.)
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I like the Vortex Sparc ARs which can be found on sale for around 130 or so and are solid no frills optics. I like the Sig Romeo 4 optics for a bit of a step up. If you want something bomb proof I'd go aimpoint but for fun I dont see the need. If you have an astigmatism check out etched reticle dots as they might work better. If not then clearly no worries.
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