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Okay, so, for you cavemen who've been living under a rock since '99, California has some eff'ed up gun laws we all know about. This is about the conversation which happens after everyone agrees, "CA has some eff'ed up gun laws. "

So, is there anyone who sells a stock set which allows an AR platform to have a front stock, trigger, and butt stock in nearly the same triangle as a Remington 30.06, .308, .6.5 Grendle, .223, etc?

Ie., a semi-auto Remington 700 in AR format?

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I'm not clear on what you're asking. You're asking about both calibers and platforms, but the thread title sounds different.

Are you looking to make an AR Cali compliant? Or do you want a non-AR semi-auto rifle that is Cali compliant? Do you want a semi-auto fed from a detachable box magazine (i.e. "standard evil feature")?

You can definitely find an AR in various calibers, either an AR10 or AR15 sized receiver, and then Californicate it to make it legal. There's a whole market for AR parts just for California, so that's a plus in an otherwise dismal situation.

Looking for "featureless" AR parts is the place to start.

These guys give a rundown of some AR grips, if you can scroll through all the ads: .

Here's another place that sells Cali compliant parts: .

If you want a non-AR semi-auto that looks less like an AR, you've got M1As, Mini-14s and a number of others.

I'd imagine the Calguns discussion board is a very good resource. I'm not a Californian, so the nuances of what's legal and what's not are unknown to me, but there are a bunch of people who can tell you what is and isn't legal.


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Back when I lived in New York with similar ( and in a number of respects worse) regulations, I felt the best solution ( and still do) is an M1 garand. Being a fixed magazine gun, don’t have to worry about any features issues excellent caliber and very reliable.
I will admit the fondness for them anyway, but with practice they can be ran very fast also
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