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Thanks for all the input guys! I called and had them hold it for me, and went back the next day and put it on layaway. I don’t need another AR really, but had been halfheartedly looking for a cheapish rifle that I could use for a beater, or one that didn’t necessarily have to stay in the safe all the time. I was thinking a used M&P, but I like this much better. I bought a Daniel Defense rear sight for it already, and will add a light and a sling. I told myself I wasn’t going to put a red dot on it, just keep it simple, but I’ve found myself looking at options, lol.

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The "Small Arms Solutions" video that Para provided was really informative. That narrator always does an outstanding job without all the hocus pocus bullshit drama like so many on youtube. If I were limited to choosing 5 firearms-related youtubers, he'd be one of them.
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I have the "Enhanced" version from 5 or so years ago. I've upgraded the Sig holo red dot to a Burris AR 332 3x Prismatic for better utility out to 300 yards.

This is an excellent rifle. Very smooth operation, accurate even with 55 grain reloads, and nice built in features, such as single point sling sockets on the receiver, ambi selector, and grip grooves on the front of the magwell.

In addition, it has a tension screw that is adjustable to ensure tight, no rattle upper to lower fit.

I love mine, and while I have put an ALG ACT trigger in it, the stock trigger was better than that in a Colt 6920.

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