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Do you guys have an opinion on this ammo? Good or bad or otherwise. Thanks

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I only have experience with the PMC XTac 55 gr 5.56mm ammo. Having said that I have no reservations with that ammo. It ran in all the rifles I put it in )AR carbines running carbine-length gas systems).

I would buy with confidence.

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Good to go. Always went bang for me.

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I bought 1600 rounds of X-Tac green tip from Brownell’s on sale a few year’s ago…it is damn good ammo, very dependable as all PMC has been for me. But remember it is a green tip with a separate penetrating core and might not be as accurate (sub MOA) as other loads especially at longer ranges…would I buy it again?…hell yeah!!!…it is dependable and accurate enough (3”-4” at 100 yards all day long)…that’s my 2 cents Wink


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I prefer PMC. You can find it cheap and it shoots well. Its good stuff!
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Shoots well out of my Sig556 and PMC brass is very reloadable!
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