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I have a tuner for my Suhl 150 .22 , it’s invaluable for .22 because the ammo isn’t very consistent. Long time ago I would buy a variety pack of Eley and Lapua midas +\- from a guy I can’t remember. Then I would shoot those different lots without the turner, find the best lots and buy a larger quantity. This is when the tuner comes in, put it on then start shooting groups with it on different places fine tuning that particular lot #

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Originally posted by DSgrouse:
they are made by harrells' precision

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Hmmm .... Maybe not. The diameter of my barrel may be too small for their tuners. Must check.

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Widely used in BR.
I have a harrrels on my 22 br and an Ezell on my . 30 br & 6mm bra br.
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I have used them for years on a Turbo 22 and a customized Anschutz. Keep a log book of the best tuner setting for each lot number of ammo I have.

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Seen this one in use first hand. Friend had it on his new barrel with previous barrel load. TBAC Ultra 7 on as well. Load from previous barrel just shot OK. Tuner worked as advertised at 100yds, tightened things up. Didn't shoot quite as well as a tuned load. Zero interest in trying one.

Seen the Harrels on 22's at steel matches, 50-250yds. Did not do as well at all distances. From seeing that first hand..... Lapua lot tested ammo shoots very well for myself and others around me at those distances. A few shoot Eley lot tested ammo, also does well. We're not BR shooters, shooting one distance.
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