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I understand they've been doing build-to-order for a while, but I ordered a .22 upper from them almost 6 months ago. The lead times the posted at the time weren't anywhere near that long.

Anyone know what their deal is lately?


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Ordered a 10mm RDB barrel/bolt combo and it took 4 months to get it. I ordered March of 2021, so I’d imagine their lead times have increased
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Ordered separately an upper and a lower for a Banshee build because I wanted the stock and was going to sbr it. Ordered both in September of 2020. Got the upper in January 2021 and the lower in March of 2021.

That was over a year ago so their wait times have probably gotten longer.

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Too long. I had an order in for a customer that went close to a year unfulfilled, he finally walked.

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