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Optimistic Cynic
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Good morning Gentlemen,

There is a gunshow upcoming in my area that has suffered multiple delays and reschedulings since the VA Governor put the Commonwealth on lockdown. I'd like to post of its reopening in the Lounge, but given that it is advertising a commercial venture that does not directly support SF, I thought that it might be polite to ask first.
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I don't see this as being that much different from letting SIGforum members know, for example, that Waste Kang is on sale, or Home Depot is running a special on Ryobi batteries. Neither Waste Kang nor Home Depot support this forum, but members (some members, anyway) do appreciate the heads-up.

I would think that notice of a gunshow re-opening would be more applicable to SIGforum.

As a matter of fact, there is a notice about a gun show in Ohio currently on the first page of The Lounge:

Maybe it would be appropriate to post the information about the Virginia gun show in that thread, instead of having multiple threads about gun shows?

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