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With ammo prices and availability the way they are, and time as precious as it is for most of us, do you feel as though you're wasting both of those resources training with a rifle that isn't your go-to, real deal carbine? I don't think I am alone in having a certain rifle that I consider my primary; a rifle in which I have invested more time, money, and training than anything else I own. In being somewhat of a "gun guy", I have other rifles as well, that I enjoy for one reason or other. I am often tempted to shoot them; to train with them. I almost always decide it better not to, in the interest of putting that ammo and time toward what I consider to be the more relevant and practical rifle. Do others face this same dilemma, and choose the way I do?
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I don't, but I put away enough ammo and components to last me for a long, long time, even though I shoot at least twice a week.
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I've actually been shooting other rifles more, because I can get large primers much easier than small, and other components are also readily available. I've been shooting cowboy action stuff and 1911s on the pistol side for the same reason.
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I cycle through my rifles regularly to make sure they are still zeroed in, also I enjoy shooting, as well as for general training.

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No, I shoot all rifles equally poorly.

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Like many questions that KSGM poses, this is another interesting one that caused me to think about my habits. My shooting practices are affected by the weather more than anything else. I am not limited by the guns, ammunition, or venue, but although at one time I would have pushed myself to practice regardless of the temperature or how much snow was on the ground, I no longer feel that proves anything to me—and I have no need to prove anything to anyone else. I still do enough things, including shooting, when it’s cold and snowing to demonstrate I can do them if necessary, and that’s sufficient.

In addition I’ve found that my proficiency with my primary defensive weapons when I get back to training with them even after a couple of months hasn’t deteriorated very much, so that reduces the sense of urgency. I recognize that all that’s a healthy dose of rationalization and it wouldn’t do if I were getting ready for Delta selection, but I’m not. At my age I feel good about myself if I lift weights every morning.

There is one exception: I do not shoot my precision rifles very much, i.e., no 200-round sessions, and therefore I have a goal of shooting certain drills at least once a month, year round. They are basically Can you go out and hit a precision target from different positions and at different ranges with no warm-up even when you’d rather be inside? Thus far: Yes.

Added: And although I’m not a dry fire fanatic as some people claim to be, even a little bit does help. Further, I’ve found that when I do it, many low-round-count sessions help my proficiency more than a few that involve firing a lot of ammunition. The “serious” training course I fire most often uses 30 rounds of handgun and 35 rounds of carbine ammunition.

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