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I have been intending to share this packing list for a while, in hopes that others might find it useful and/or give me some feedback or ideas, to help me improve. This is a packing list for a multi-day sustainment ruck that I have been using for a while. I have taken earlier iterations of it on a couple overnighters, and have been using this refined load for months now, on hikes, patrol-type training and land navigation exercises. It is a "scaleable" setup, with a short range daypack that can be quickly built from the larger ruck, if the ruck is going to remain at a campsite or cache point during a shorter excursion. The daypack can be assembled without breaching the main ruck compartment. I have been using a medium Alice as the foundation, which is honestly too small; I hope to upgrade eventually, to a Tactical Tailor Malice pack. Anyway, the list is broken down into three parts: daypack, ruck exterior, and ruck interior. When the full ruck is assembled, with daypack integrated, the daypack's contents live in the ruck's three outermost pockets and lashed to the exterior of the ruck, and the daypack itself is rolled/folded, and tucked under the ruck top flap. Obviously, some aspects of the list are circumstantial; you're likely not going to take extra ammo and a helmet on a camping trip. Also, things like climbing rope and a climbing harness may not apply to everyone's local terrain. Some items are seasonal as well, with this current load reflecting cooler temperatures...

Short range pack:
Boonie hat
Contractor trash bag
three magazines
one NV magazine (low flash)
PVS14 w/ mount and extra batteries
water purification tablets
high-calorie snacks
shop towels
chem lights (color and IR)
batteries (AA, 123, CR2, AAA, 2032)
2qt water
cable cutters
multi tool
notebook and relevant reference material
faraday bag
DBJ2 radio antenna
cold weather gear
hand warmers

Ruck exterior:
full sleep system in WP bag and stuff sack
heavy leather gloves
climbing rope
helo bungee tether
climbing harness
figure-eight and carabiners
helmet bag w/ NVG (when daypack integrated)

Ruck interior:
water harvest bladder
in-line water filter
inflatable sleep pad
weapon cleaning kit
water proof weapon bag
hygiene kit
balaclava and light gloves
bungee cords
zip ties
chem lights
white/IR light
spare compass
batteries (AA, 123)
tent stakes
land navigation reference material
survival literature
stripped MREs
550 cord
IR spotlight
VS-17 panel
fire-starting kit to include:
-magnesium/spark tool
-magnifying lens
-fat wood
-dryer lint
-starter pellets

If anyone is curious about why I have a particular item, I'll be happy to clarify. I hope to get some recommendations for things to add or reconsider. I do intend to add a small kit with things for fishing and making snares. I would love to upgrade to lighter/warmer/smaller sleeping bag eventually as well. The full consolidated ruck is between 65 and 70 pounds; I wish it was lighter, but I don't see how it could be, short of investing in higher-dollar, fancy lighter-weight gear. Keep in mind my intent is for this to be an "operational" loadout, not a survive with the bare minimum, keep in the trunk of the car for an emergency loadout.
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