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Looking for input from owners that have 1 or both of the 320 X-carry and/or the M18 (FDE or black is in stock)? I can get a either one from my local LE dealer and am on the fence. I just got my X-compact and I am getting ready to leave for the range and try it out along with my friends standard 320 compact. I am anxious to see how they perform and compare to my G19 that i have carried for years.

Only thing on the M18 I am not too keen about is that manuel safety but it seems that I can remedy that with a little work and a couple parts so that is not a deciding factor to eliminate it all together. Just thought I would ask some of you owners what you think in case I have not thought of everything since I am new to this 320 platform.

Thanks E1

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X-Carry for me.

First I don't want a manual safety on this pistol. The only pistols I want a manual safety on, are single action autos.

Second, the X-Carry has X-Ray night sights. I love the bright green/yellow front sight on the X-Carry. The M18 has stanadard night sights.

Third, I prefer the flat trigger of the X-Carry. The M18 comes with a curved trigger.

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Why go to the trouble of disabling the safety when you could get the X anyway?
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You'll find the biggest difference will be the grip module when comparing the M18 and the xSeries.

You'll feel the difference when shooting the Compact and the xCompact versions. Many really like the xSeries grips.

I have a hunch you'll go with the xCarry, mostly due to the grip module.


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M18 will be around for a long time. Xcarry may not be so I’d grab one if you want one. I like my M17’s and I like my Xcarry, probably equally. Don’t have the M18 and don’t want it.
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