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I just became aware of Mechtech PCC uppers for Glocks. I don't own a Glock and may never use it as a pistol. Should I buy a pistol and sell the extra parts? Find a used lower? Blow this off as the dumbest idea ever? Tried posting this in the rifle topic page with only one reply. Glock sites have been of no use. If this idea works out what lower be best?
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Peace through
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For real?
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Sample of one:

Someone at work bought it awhile back and had nothing but issues. I can't remember what, but he ended up getting rid of it.

RUN is my opinion.

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I considered one when I owned a G20 in hopes of taking advantage of 10mm ballistics from a long barrel.
I passed when reliability issues seemed common.

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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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I've had mine for about seven years now. I can't think of when it malfunctioned in any way.

I keep it cleaned and oiled regularly and have a Gen2 lower that I use with it all the time.

The Gen2 22 lower works best for me as it has no rail or finger grooves (plus it was free).

The standard and extended magazines work fine.

Mine is in 357 Sig. What caliber(s) are you thinking about?

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What Yooper says.

I could only see getting something like this for the G20.

Otherwise, Ruger PCC or such.

Reliability issue negates the whole concept IMO.

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I concur with .38supersig. I've had an older 10mm MECH TECH for a while now and haven't had any issues with it. Just needs to be cleaned and oiled.

It's never once hiccupped or given me any problems. It's a decent vehicle/brush gun and compatible with my EDC.

While my Glock 20 frame wasn't free, it was pretty close.

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