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War Damn Eagle!
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Originally posted by Kskelton:
XD’s are nice too as stated above but even the defender model would have to be some crazy sale somewhere to come in under $350…

The original XD line (not the XDM or 2.0 Grip Zone Big Grin ) run locally and even on Gunbroker for $329 on the reg. I've seen lightly used go sub $300.

Hell, I've seen the 4' Service models go for about the same price. Nowaways no one really wants the original XDs and if you know where to looks, so good deals can be had.

Way underrated guns, for sure.

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Big Stack
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If he needs a cheap gun, go to a cheap brand. Look at the Taurus GX4. Would I take a P365 over it? Absolutely, if I had the money. But it fits his budget, and it's been out long enough that they've had a chance to find and fix the new gun bugs (if they wanted to.) If you want to save money, you have to compromise.
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Walther PPS. You can find those on the cheap. Or maybe save a few more bucks and get something that fits you not a small budget.


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Originally posted by Rexster:
Frankly, I cannot understand what is so very wrong with your friend’s EC9s, especially if his budget is that limited. The EC9s seems awfully small, as it is. Some few weapons are smaller, but, a weapon can be so small, as to be past the point of diminishing returns.

Reread the OP. His friend currently has a Stoeger Cougar, a Turkish-made clone of the Beretta 8000-series. That's a medium-sized double stack with a metal frame, and he's wanting something smaller/lighter than that.

He's considering buying the Ruger EC9s as that smaller/lighter option, but doesn't own one yet. He isn't looking for something smaller/lighter than the EC9s.

(The EC9s is nearly half the weight of the friend's Cougar, at 17.2 ounces vs. 32.4 ounces. It's also an inch shorter in height and length, and a half inch thinner in width.)
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