Really coming around to CZ pistols

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September 13, 2021, 11:01 AM
Really coming around to CZ pistols
Originally posted by RANGER20:
I purchased a CZ P01 compact 9mm recently and an HK P2000 V3 9mm. The CZ trigger and action are really smooth in comparison to the HK. I like it better than the P2000 but still I like them both. THe CZ fits my hand really well even with the rubber grips. I've yet to buy G10's It points well and I like the beveled mag well its really smooth to do a mag change and not miss.

That said:
Nothing against the CZ or the HK but neither would make me give up my Glock 19...

It’s funny you say that about the 19. I just got a gen 5 and have a Holosun on top and I love it. The feel and shootability of it is excellent, just like my CZ’s honestly. More utilitarian though and not as svelte as the CZ’s IMHO for what that’s worth I guess.