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My great find was a HK MK23 at Cabela's. $2300 dollars, not a bargain but how many MK23's have you seen at a local gun store?
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Originally posted by mlazarus:
Walked into the local place, checked the used pistol section and saw a near new Smith and Wesson 945 (full size) with 3 magazines. I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough. The price would have been fair in 49 states, but in California where such items are hard to find, cannot be imported, and often snatched up quickly, the price was phenomenal. Video linked.

As a fellow california resident, I feel ya! [not literally. geez, come on people! Roll Eyes]

I am happy with my S&W 19-3 PPC revolver I just found also. Don't know yet how it shoots, but the action is sweet and it SHOULD be a great performer.

As long as I remember not to use +P or .357mag rounds. I've read of some with PPC revolvers who cracked the forcing cone because the aftermarket barrel was on a .357mag, and the new owner used .357mag ammo in a target pistol.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can get a Model 15 or Model 10 cylinder fit to prevent this when my kids inherit it.

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There is a local gun store by me that has some deals every so often and I have been trying to snag a couple. I recently acquired a S&W Shield 2.0 9mm with the CT red laser mounted in the frame. I am not crazy about lasers but for $225, I can't complain. Looks like new and looking forward to shooting it.
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About 3 years ago was in the market for a .40 S&W handgun.
I was repairing a guy's computer when I mentioned I was going to the range after I finished. He mentioned his wife had bought a handgun many years prior and didn't like it. She brought out a S&W 4054. We settled on a price of $350.00. There were only 157 made - that has been my best score so far.
She ended up purchasing a .22 Browning Buckmark to replace the one I bought from her.

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This has been a month for me. First, I got a deal on a Sphinx SDP Compact with custom parts kits, custom sights, and 5-15 rd mags. Thanks to this forum I have been blessed with 3 more 15 rd magazines for a great price. Second, I finally received my Griffin Optimus approval. Third, a great friend kindly included me on a deal of a lifetime at an estate auction. The list was from quite a collection amd the list was overwhelming. I scored a S&W 1006, a S&W Model 64, a like new Ruger #1 in 45/70, and a new looking Ruger 10/22 stainless with Mannlicher stock all for under $1400.00. I sincerely hope it helped the family but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic. The S&W 1006 alone was $375.
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In 2004, I won an auction for a Browning BDA, .38 Super NIB, for $646. Now before someone calls BS on this, the auction still can be found online by doing a google search. A few weeks later while in Gulf Shores, I wandered into a gun shop there and saw another one in their case. It was used, but in good shape. They wanted $750 - I was tempted. That used one showed up on an auction site a few months later and sold for a premium price.
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I managed to find an unfired, brand new P220R locally. The individual had bought it back in 2019 during the mad rush and now wanted something else. I was able to get it for about 60% of what he paid for it along with two additional magazines for a total of four. The p220 also came with night sights. Admittedly, I was looking for something else at the time but it's really nice to have a classic sig back in the gun safe.
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10 or 12 yrs ago, picked up an 870 Special Field with the straight English stock for about 200 bucks from a used rack. Has a few honest scuffs here and there, but is a light, sweet little shotgun.
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Originally posted by ACP1:
My great find was a HK MK23 at Cabela's. $2300 dollars, not a bargain but how many MK23's have you seen at a local gun store?

Its funny. There is a gun store that is a hundred miles from me that sells on GB as "The Attic" thye specialize in importing guns from Europe and have connections in HK's upper management. When I was there they had ordered all 40 mk 23's that where what HK had left. I wanted one but didnt have the scratch Frown
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Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Vertec/Centurion Tactical, mint in box with 3 mags, $850.

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