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How many rounds do you normally carry? in gun/spare mags. Login/Join 
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Just curious about how many rounds do you carry on a consistent basis inside your gun, and also your spare magazines?

Are you comfortable with your choice and carry "just enough" or do you think you should be carry more?
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Usually 15 + 1
Sometimes 10 + 1 + 10
Pray I never need any.
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My ccw has a capacity of 15+1. As far as round count goes I am comfortable with what's just in my pistol but I carry one extra mag to satisfy Mr Murphy.
31 rounds of 124g HST's from a guy who can shoot straight is a lot of firepower. I'm pretty comfortable with that.
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EDC is Gen 4 Glock 32 357 sig.

One round in the chamber, 13 round in the gun. Then I carry 2 15rd mags in my left pocket.
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I carry 10 + 1 in a P320 subcompact, plus two spare 10 round (NY state limit Roll Eyes ) mags.

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I almost always carry an HK P2000 in .40 or 9mm.
I almost never carry another mag. (I know, I know)

So 13 rounds of .40
14 rounds of 9mm
Or maybe 16 rounds of 9mm if I run the P30 mag.

Asking whether or not feel it is adequate I would say Yes. Hell statistically 5-8 shots is fine by all but the odd outlier accounts.

Now that being said if you were asking me this question as somebody was kicking my door in or shooting at me my reply would be HELL NO WHY DIDNT I BUY A BELTFED WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS WITH BELTFEDS GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

Point is in a vacuum it’s likey always enough. In full pucker factor it would never be enough.

But all in all 10+ and I am happy.

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15 plus 1 in the gun and a spare mag of 15 more.

There is a quote, maybe from Jeff Copper, I'm not sure, that says, "You will probably start and finish the fight with what is in the gun. But after the fight, you are going to feel foolish if you are standing there with an empty gun. Carry a spare mag."

"Ride to the sound of the big guns."
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Glock 19 carried 14+1 with a spare mag with 14.

Download my mag by one to insure a more positive insertion during tac loads should I need it.

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Whatever the pistol is and a spare mag or two depending on attire. Always an LCP in my pocket. Never just the LCP. Right now it's a 92 Compact with two spare 17 round mags. Was my Elite LTT until this week. At work I'm forced to carry their Glock 22. I carry three spare magazines and a 642 to go with it.

And yes, I'm satisfied with the loadout. If I wasn't, I would carry more.
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Ideally, 7 or 8, plus 1 in the pipe, plus at least one additional mag of 7 or 8. So usually 15-17 rounds, total, regardless of which pistol.

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Whatever I'm carrying plus a spare magazine.
Glock 19X right now with the 17 round in the pistol and the 19 round as a spare.
Waiting on a holster for the 48 and then it'll be 10 + 10.

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Originally posted by Orive 8:
Glock 19 carried 14+1 with a spare mag with 14.

Download my mag by one to insure a more positive insertion during tac loads should I need it.

Shouldn't the mag in the gun be 15 since it's already in the gun?
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I fully load all magazines, whatever the capacity may be, and also carry round chambered. So 1 x 15-round mag in the gun (9mm P320C), one in the chamber, and a spare loaded 15-round magazine = 31 rounds.
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It depends on the gun. I carry the gun with full capacity magazine + 1 on the chamber plus two full magazines on the belt. So with my semi-autos, this ranges from a total of 23 to a max of 61.

Now sometimes I do find my self in a position where I can't carry my standout load, so in that case it's whatever I can carry. For example, if I'm carrying one of my mouse .380's (LCP, P3AT, P380) it's usually just the mag in the gun and maybe a single spare mag.

If it's a revolver that's not in a OWB/IWB holster it's usually the revolver and one or two speed strips or speed loaders.
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7 or 8 + 1 and a spare mag of 7 or 8. So, total is 15 or 17.

If I need more, I am in a world of hurt.

Niech Zyje P-220

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Current carry gun is a Beretta PX4 Compact. 16 rounds (15+1) in the gun, 1 spare mag loaded with 15 rounds. I've experimented with carrying 2 spare mags using two single-mag pouches, but I may get a double mag pouch and see if that works out better.

Previous (and current occasional) carry was a 642-1, 5 rounds in gun, usually 2 speedloaders carried; occasionally a single strip with 4 rounds.

I don't expect to need a reload, but I still carry at least one because:

1. If I do need to fire in self defense, I don't want to wait for first responders with an empty, or partially empty, gun. Average 911 response time in my town is around 9 minutes.

2. With semi-autos, if a malfunction occurs (albeit an unlikely occurrence), swapping mags may be necessary to fix the issue.

I would load down 1 round in my spare mags if they're difficult to seat with the slide closed. I had to do that with a Glock 23 I had, so it was carried 12+1 with 12 rounds in spare mags. The reason I carried my in-gun mag one round down is that if the mags are that difficult to seat with the slide closed, that upward pressure on the top round may be enough to cause some drag on the slide when it cycles after the first round. Is that pressure enough to actually cause reliability issues? I suppose if you function test the gun and it works ok like that, then no problem; load it up. But I figured why chance it? People who know more than me, including Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn, have recommended carrying the G19 one-round-down from max capacity, not to mention that many pros, including the British SAS, carried Hi-Powers with 12 rounds in the mags instead of 13 for these reasons, so there has to at least be something to it. Fortunately, my PX4 Compact and my 92FS both work fine with mags at full cap + round in the chamber, and I can seat full mags with the slide closed, so I max it out with them. (Not carrying my 92FS...yet...may get some carry gear to try it out).

I've looked into carrying a BUG, but I'm one of those guys that carries a bunch of stuff in his pockets, so I'm still trying to figure out a way of doing that without having to resort to carrying a backpack or *gasp* a fanny pack. Wink

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G19 w 15+1 and a G17 (17rd) reload, so 33 rds.

G43 w 7+1 and a 8rd reload, 16 rds (hot ass wx / discreet carry).

If I add a BUG it'll be 5 shot J-frame and a 5-rd speed strip.

With long pants and an untucked shirt, it's easy to carry 2-3 pistols - I did an IWB G19, ankle J-frame, and pocket LCP with a fixed blade Emerson PUC for a couple of weeks 2 winters ago. Overkill? For certain but a fun exercise none-the-less. Honestly the fixed knife was the hardest part of the combo, especially with the rough textured grips.

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Usually 52 on duty (17+17+17+1 in a G17), and 31 off duty (15+15+1 in a G19 or M&Pc 2.0).

Occasionally I mix up my off duty carry, and have 35 (17+17+1 in a P320 Carry) or 25 (12+12+1 in a M&Pc 1.0 or 8+8+8+1 in a 1911).

I always carry at least one spare magazine off duty, and at least two spare magazines on duty.
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Im generally 15 + 1 with a spare mag for my G19 or P320 compact or my shield 9mm 8+1 or 7+1 plus a spare mag. Always a spare mag though, autos weak point is usually the mag. My rule and comfort level is usually at least 12 total rounds on me.
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I generally carry one of three Sigs on a daily basis: Sig P229 357sig (12+1), SP2022 9mm (15+1), or a P239 9mm (8+1). I always carry a spare mag, Mec-Gar extended for the P229 (14 rounds) and the SP2022 (17 rounds). For the P239, I will, on occasion, utilize my double mag pouch, and carry two spares. I also almost always carry a backup gun, either a Smith 342PD (J-frame 5 shot.38) or a Ruger LCP .380 (6+1) and a 6 round speed strip or 7 round spare mag, but let’s face it, if you’re to the point of reloading your BUG, you’re having a really bad day.

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